Haras La Tradición – Cardales is located just 70 km from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, near the town of Los Cardales (Exaltation Party of the Cross, Province of Buenos Aires), with easy access from the National Routes Nº 7; 8 and 9 and entrance from Provincial Route Nº 6 (“how to get there”).
Its magnificent landscapes with the striking open views typical of the Argentinean countryside and its old trees, stand out Haras La Tradición-Cardales as a unique place and ideal for those who look for something different when planning their social and corporate events, or simply family reunions or of friends, having the undoubted advantage of being located less than an hour’s journey from the City of Buenos Aires.
In Haras La Tradición-Cardales we also dedicate ourselves to the practice and learning of the Polo, an exciting and well-known equestrian sport of deep rooting and diffusion in Argentina, counting on 70 hectares destined for equestrian pension, facilities, practice court and playground dimensions, where we organize matches and tournaments with different teams.
For those who wish to know more about this sport, Haras La Tradicion-Cardales offers you the Polo Experience, a special field day with the typical Creole barbecue and game show in which our visitors can also start in the practice of the pole riding on horseback, or just enjoy a cavalcade between friends *.
(* Subject to weather conditions, physical conditions and minimum previous riding experience).
Haras La Tradición-Cardales also offers its extraordinary landscapes and its attractive Casco to realize photographic, advertising and cinematographic productions.
And for those who want to spend some weekend or a holiday in the country, Haras La Tradición-Cardales also offers you exclusive accommodation through Airbnb **
(** Limited space, subject to availability and particular conditions of use of the facilities)